About the S. H. Bell Company

S. H. Bell Company is a family-owned company whose business is providing handling, storage, processing, packaging and record keeping services to a customer base comprised of producers, traders and consumers of metals, minerals and semi-finished industrial materials.

Corporate Office at S. H. Bell's 82th Anniversary Celebration in September of 2015

Corporate Office at S. H. Bell’s 82th Anniversary Celebration in September of 2015

The ongoing demand for the company’s services has dictated that reliable performance must be maintained. Although quality service has been fundamental to the company’s success since its formation in 1933, in recent times management has seen the need to establish a formal Quality Process. To this end, S. H. Bell Co. has developed its own Quality System.

Quality at S. H. Bell Co. is based on fundamental and timeless principles, which have evolved to function together within the organization. Unique geographic facilities combine with dedicated employees and leadership to constantly find ways to satisfy our Customers.

Quality System

The elements of our Quality System are listed as:

  • Provide prompt, reliable service “on demand” from the customer’s order.
  • Do the job right the first time; but if a mistake is discovered, correct it as soon as possible.
  • Uphold the ethics of honesty and customer confidentiality in day-to-day business dealings.
  • Maintain the company’s professional reputation within our industry.
  • Maintain accurate records to document all transactions and provide customer reporting on a regular basis.
  • Through regular safety meetings, education, and protection, strive to avoid injury of company employees in the workplace.
  • Minimize potential harm to the environment by proper handling and storage of customers’ materials while in S. H. Bell Co.’s custody.

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