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Harlow Bell

Congratulations to Adam Bell and his wife Jenna on the birth of their daughter, Harlow, on Jan. 3, 2020.

S. H. Bell Company Celebrates 86th Anniversary

It was a beautiful day to celebrate S.H. Bell Company’s 86th Anniversary with a picnic on the lawn at the Pittsburgh headquarters. We brought in a food truck (The Steer & Wheel) and enjoyed each other’s company. Rossi (black lab, front/center) really enjoyed the day!

From L to R: Leann Sprow, Jeffrey Kreutzer, Tina Esposito, Marianne Krizmanich, John M. Bell, Jill Tillman, Nancy Bailie, Sam Bell, Summer Mazur, Vicki Stull, Stacy Seltzer, Kathy Popelas, Jennifer Price PHR, Mary Peluso, Adam Bell, (not shown: John Bedeck, Marcy Panza, Kathy Boyle)


S. H. Bell Joins New Advocacy Group

S.H. Bell Company is pleased to announce their active support of a new advocacy group, The Ohio River Coalition of Rivers (ORCO), which was recently formed in Columbus, Ohio, with the intent of protecting industry and commerce, and promoting infrastructural development, along the Ohio River. Vice President of Operations Rusty Davis, along with Alyssa Pistininzi, Assistant to President John Bell, will represent Bell Co.’s interests within the group.

The original article in The Waterways Journal Weekly may be found here:

S. H. Bell and DWC Transportation Teams Attend the Annual Traffic Club Dinner

Members of the S. H. Bell Sales Department, along with DWC Transportation team members, attended the 117th annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on March 27th. Bell Co. provides a yearly donation to the Club towards the scholarships which are handed out at the event. After the dinner, guests were treated to special entertainment by former Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Rocky Bleier.