Management Team

At S. H. Bell Company we have a valued staff of committed professionals who make up our Management Team. Our employees are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers on a daily basis. It is with this team of individuals that we are able to keep our quality system on track and our business practices moving forward. Every employee at S. H. Bell plays a key role in our operations. Scroll down or click the menu on the right to read more about each member of our Management Team:

S. H. Bell Officers

John Bell
Email –

Rusty Davis
Vice President of Operations
Email –

Adam Bell
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Email –

Sales Department

The Sales Department is responsible for domestic and international business transactions for all of the warehouse facilities. Overall management of the Sales Department is coordinated from the Pittsburgh Office. The Sales Team consists of three key members:

Adam Bell
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Email – 

Stacy Seltzer
Pittsburgh-Based Account Manager
Email – Both are responsible for new business development, customer management, direct sales and customer-related functions, both foreign and domestic.

Jill Tillman
Manager Sales Administration
Email – Jill is responsible for service inquiries, rates and quotations for S. H. Bell Company’s warehouse facilities.
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Finance & Accounting Department

Our Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the managing of banking relationships, equipment leasing, insurance, corporate budgets and financial planning. These key responsibilities are handled by:

Jeff Kreutzer
Chief Financial Officer
Email –

The Accounting Department is managed by:

Marianne Krizmanich
Email – Marianne is responsible for the managing and maintenance of the accounts receivable and accounts payable functions. The department processes payroll for the entire company and is responsible for all related payroll tax returns and the administration of employee company benefits. Other duties include the preparation and distribution of monthly financial statements.
The Invoicing & Inventory Department is supervised by:

Marcy Panza
Invoicing & Inventory
Email – Marcy is responsible for invoices and inventory records and also customer-past-due collections.
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Order Entry System

The Order Entry (O/E) system is a customized sequence of programs designed to work together to create company-wide entry and processing of customer orders. This highly integrated way of doing business assures uniformity throughout all of the company’s warehouses while at the same time producing transaction documents, reports and invoices. The system is managed on a daily basis by:

Mark Pease
Manager – Information Technology
Email – Mark is responsible for O/E system and Wide-Area-Network applications, software programming updates and troubleshooting.
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Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for supporting all warehouse facilities through the planning and coordination of capital projects, equipment and, along with the Engineering department, assists the facilities with their maintenance needs. Involved with managing all of the warehouse facilities are Rusty Davis, Vice-President of Operations, and Gary Smith, Director of Operations.

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Engineering Department

Our Project Engineer and Quality Manager is responsible for planning operational improvements and coordination in construction of capital and operational improvement projects, as well as providing environmental data and assisting warehouse personnel in the troubleshooting of various process systems. This position is handled on a daily basis by:

John Bedeck
Project Engineer and Quality Manager
Email –

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Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department, also managed by John Bedeck, is responsible for administering the Quality Management system throughout the company. Quality Management is a commitment of S. H. Bell Co. Our Quality Management System has been implemented into S. H. Bell’s daily operations through quality procedures, work instructions, records management, coordination of quality training activities and the investigation of customer claims and complaints.

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